Maritime Internet Service

High Speed Cruise Ship internet system in operationA large cruise ship internet antenna system delivering high-speed connectivity in the Caribbean waters of the Bahamas.


iDirect Features

 Cost effective subscriptions

 1.05m, 1.25m or 85cm Ku-Band antennas

 Data Rates up to 50 Mbps

 Easy system operation

 Total turnkey solution including airtime, system equipment and installation

 Perfect for boats over 35 feet

 High speeds for crew welfare, cruise ships and yacht applications


Marine VSAT Satellite Internet antenna system idirect global express

This Intellian V100GX 1.05 meter convertible Ku- Ka-Band system that connects to both iDirect and Inmarsat Global Xpress broadband platforms. 

Africa Satellite Internet Modem iDirect

iDirect X3 satellite router modem for fixed offshore platforms.


iDirect Maritime Satellite Internet Network Configuration

Network connection architecture diagram shows an iDirect Hub, remote marine VSAT and internet backbone.

X5 mobile satellite internet modem

The X5 series modem shown here is compatible with all Intellian maritime VSAT antennas.

Shipboard and Yacht Internet Connectivity Systems

Transitting the Caribbean Sea, this oil tanker uses Digisat's iDirect internet service for crew welfare and ship management.





These sportfishing boats shown here in the Panama Canal use Inmarsat Fleetbroadband service to access marine weather information and make ship to shore telephone calls. 

As an industry leading full service maritime broadband connectivity provider, Digisat offers many ways to connect vessels to marine satellite internet services while sailing the seven seas or moored in a port-of-call at a dockside slip. Our reliable and economical high-speed maritime satellite internet access services are delivered by the most rugged stabilized 3-axis marine antenna systems that are easily installed on all size watercrafts. Custom performance grade marine data plans are tailored to your exact requirements for any nautical communications application, anywhere on the world's oceans or waterways. Whether you're connecting 50 workers on a drill ship, a yacht owner in tropical waters needing to keep connected, or a government agency providing law enforcement on ocean or coastal waters, Digisat is ready to deliver a total maritime satcom solution.  

Enterprise grade marine satellite internet services for all shipboard communications applications

 VIPs  Crew Welfare
 Military  Vessel Management
 Security  Surveillance  Government  Offshore Industrial Operations
 Monitoring  Oil Rigs    

Comprehensive communication solutions for any size vessel or offshore platform

 Tankers  Barges  Sportsfishing Boats
 Ships  Freighters  Government  Law Enforcement
 Drilling Ships  Military  Offshore Platforms  Scientific Research Vessels

Most popular marine internet networks


 Inmarsat Global Xpress GX


 SCPC Dedicated Bandwidth 


iDirect Maritime

iDirect logo

iDirect is a widely used Maritime Satellite Internet platform for commercial, recreational, coastal and large oceangoing vessels. This system supports regional and global broadband connections to the internet backbone. With years of RF network equipment engineering and marine stabilized antenna installations throughout the world, our global iDirect marine networks continue to remain at the cutting edge of delivering deep-sea, coastal and inland waterway internet connectivity services.  By utilizing this network topology, seafarers can take advantage of cost effective monthly service plans and higher speeds when compared to L-Band platforms. The iDirect always on connection is billed at one flat fee every month and provides the most economical price per Mb transfer.

 Maritime System Hardware Specifications

  iDirect Ku-Band - Intellian V100GX or V130 antenna, 4 or 8 watt BUC, (2) Global LNBs and Evolution series X5 modem

  iDirect C-Band - Intellian V240C or V240M antennas, 5, 10 or 20 watt BUC, (2) Global LNBs and iDirect X5 or X7 modem

  Dedicated SCPC Ku or C-Band bandwidth for Yachts and Ships - V240C, V240M, V100GX or V130 Tx/Rx antennas, equipment varies depending on required data rates and geographic location. Typical modems include Comtech, Paradise Datacom and i-Direct.

 Inmarsat FleetBroadband - Compact above deck equipment that weighs less than 35lbs - FB500, FB250 and FB150

 Please Note: Some service areas may require larger antenna sizes and BUCs.

 Custom Military MIL-Spec systems with full encryption are also available.

Inmarsat Global Xpress GX Service

Inmarsat Global Xpress Maritime Internet Plans

Launching in late 2014 via Inmarsat's new I-5 satellite network, Global Xpress marine internet service is slated to deliver unheard of speeds for both maritime and land based operators.  This game changing satellite internet service will offer download rates up to 50 Mbps and upload transfers of 5 Mbps over ultra compact VSAT terminals.  Utilizing the very latest in Ka-Band RF technology, Xpress will provide seamless global reach over all ocean regions.

 1M Global Xpress System- GX100 

 60cm GX-  GX60 antenna

Contact Digisat today for a detailed price quote on a GX subscription plan. 

Xpress GX Footprint Map

Inmarsat Global Express Satellite Footprint Map

Government Maritime Communications Systems

As a small business partner, Digisat provides the best global maritime internet service coverage, with the highest network security and greatest availability. For our Government, Military and VIP clients, we offer private and secure phone and internet connections to any vessel, anywhere in the world.      


 Whether you need a marine VSAT antenna or a complete turnkey marine satellite internet solution with airtime for a yacht, ship or recreational cruiser, the Digisat team is ready to assist with any of your application's requirements. For detailed pricing on our marine satellite internet access solutions, please contact us today for an immediate price quote. 

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