Satellite Communications Network Management Solutions


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 Complete end-to-end managed service

 Custom tailored services for Enterprise, Government and Military applications

Supported Platforms




 Video Broadcast

 Fiber Optic



 Defense Communications

 Media Distribution



Managed Communications Network Services

With service provider subscriber demands and network service portfolio offerings evolving at lightspeed, Digisat's professional satellite managed network services keep you ahead of the technology curve.

Our popular industry leading in-house management solutions offer service providers a competitive edge to amalgamate all topologies including satellite, wireless and terrestrial wired line communications for commercial, enterprise, media and government clients.  

Depending on your specific requirements, Digisat is ready to provide complete 24/7/365 managerial servicing that includes comprehensive carrier monitoring, call center technical support for end users and service technicians, bandwidth procurement, transponder switching, operations center remote monitoring and control, application hosting, data center secure storage, trouble call service dispatching, spares warehousing and logistics.    

Our highly experienced broadcast engineers, network technicians and NOC personnel are among the most knowledgable in the world. Combine this with our decades of experience servicing, installing, monitoring and maintaining communications systems and you have the ultimate in total network safeguards for over 99.9% up-time and constant customer satisfaction.  

Your network is part of ours when you work with Digisat!


Complete Support

Digisat offers the widest array of end-to-end managed communications services and support for all of today's communication technologies. Our state-of-the-art facility keeps a watchful eye on your equipment and systems at all times. With full monitoring system redundancy in our operations center that includes backup power generation, UPS systems, multiple wired line broadband backbone connections and modern downlink VSAT and earth station antennas, customers are assured of the most security, least downtime, with the fastest support response times in the industry.

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