Satcom RF Engineering & System Design


 Highly experienced RF engineers

 In-house systems testing 

 Professionally certified

 Cost effective

 Supporting all system applications - VSAT, Earth Station, Military, Mobile, Maritime and Government

 Total turn-key services

 World-wide service area

 Solutions for all modulation schemes and antenna sizes

Supported RF applications

 Ground Earth Stations

 Flyaway VSAT

 SNG Trucks

 Vehicle Mounted Antennas

 Earth Stations

 BGAN Systems

 Maritime Internet and TV Terminals

 TVRO Receive Only

 X-Band Low PIM

 Transmit and Receive

 Military - SWAN, SNAP, UHST, STTs, DKETs

 Full Motion & High Speed Tracking

 Legacy RF Equipment

 UHF Satcom

Engineered Satcom RF Subsystems and Design Services

Total turn-key satcom engineering services.

Satcom RF Engineered solutions

Solving the most challenging and critical satellite communications problems that span throughout today's network applications, Digisat's professional satellite systems engineering team provides years of practical and analytical Radio Frequency (RF) know-how.  Our comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the latest efficient modulation schemes, antenna systems and RF electronic components, offers our customers the best resource for construing complicated satcom systems design and deployment challenges.  

From mobile small aperture full-mesh system connectivity issues, to link budget analysis of hub earth stations, and custom military satcom on the move terminals, Digisat's engineering services cover the widest range of satellite communication technologies.

Broad Applications

 Maritime Satellite Communications

 Video Distribution & Broadcasting

 Gateway Ground Stations

 Ka-Band Broadband

 RF to IP

 Modulated Bandwidth Calculations

 Group Delay Analysis

 Antenna Efficiency

 RF Component Design

Reliable System Design

Digisat's professional broadcast and RF engineers offer clients the finest solutions that are reliably designed to stand the test of time while maintaining the highest quality of service. All of our custom engineered and pre-engineered systems and network designs enable the fastest field deployment under the most stringent quality guidelines. 


Total Support 

We support government agencies, defense contractors, enterprise organizations, equipment manufacturers, broadcasters, teleport and more.  Our team delivers custom tailored solutions that are designed to solve the most challenging operational issues while transcending technical requirements.

For all of your challenging system designs and RF problem solving requirements, contact us today for a quick resolution.  

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