BGAN Portable Integrated Terminals

General BGAN Features

 Highly Mobile

 Cost effective equipment and satellite airtime 

 Global operation

 Configurations for boats, cars and handheld applications

 Connect to broadband internet anywhere

 Utilize phone and internet simultaneously

 Extended battery life operation up to 36 hours

 All terminals will connect to standard vehicle 12 and 24VDC power systems

 BGAN terminals are certified and licensed to operate in all countries

 SMS text messaging, Group 3 Fax and ISDN 64Kbps capable 

BGAN Series Portable Terminals

Digisat's DSAT-BGAN series of compact broadband global area network terminals are fully integrated portable satcom systems packaged in a ruggedized IATA compliant transport case.  Providing extreme versatility to connect anywhere except for the South and North pole, these light weight internet systems come complete with satellite airtime, ready to instantly connect.  These powerful terminals offer a total solution for a full range of worldwide missions including broadband internet access, sat phone service, video streaming and live news broadcasting.  

Truly Global Internet Access

Designed for worldwide operation, the BGAN series portable terminals come in multiple system configurations for vehicle in-motion internet, vessel broadband and handheld portable carry-on.  With hardware weighing less than 10 lbs and their ease of setup and operation, these BGAN access devices are ideal for operation by non-technical personnel.  Military troops can also take advantage of their compact lightweight design for missions in far reaching areas behind enemy lines.  Utilizing the L-Band Inmarsat platform, these terminals offer instant connections, outstanding signal performance and high throughput. With expedited delivery available on all BGAN terminal configurations, our satcom professionals are a great resource for your just-in-time remote communications needs.

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