DSAT-VM Series Vehicle Mount VSAT Terminals


 Easy Operation by non-technical personnel

 Fully redundant configurations

 HD, SD, DVB-S2, DVB-S, 32APSK and more 

 Field proven antennas and RF equipment

 Available with turnkey installation services

 End-to-end design and broadcast engineering services 

EDGE-VM Series Integrated SNG VSAT Antenna Systems

Evolving from years of field SNG operation on mobile uplink vehicles, the rugged DSAT-VM Series Vehicle-Mount VSAT Antennas provide a versatile platform for instant field connectivity of roaming news reporter teams and on-scene video broadcasters. With highly advanced motorized single button auto acquire features, these simple to operate systems play a vital role in remotely delivering video content and breaking news stories at the scene as they unfold.

Featuring live HD video transmission capabilites, the VM series terminal easily mounts on all news vehicles and SNG trucks. For larger broadcast missions such as major sporting events, our 1.8 and 2.4 meter SNG broadcast uplink antennas are ideal choices for cable news networks and satellite uplink truck broadcasters.

Versatile Antenna Configurations

Choose from motorized VSAT antennas ranging in size from 98cm - 2.4M, with RF amplifier outputs up to Ku-Band 250 watts, DVB-S2 modulators and HD video encoders. Our bolt-on vehicle ready solutions also cover satellite frequencies in Ka-Band and C-Band.  


Whether you're upgrading an existing system or starting out with a completely new integrated terminal, Digisat can provide full antenna and RF systems installation services at our facility in Melbourne Florida or at your broadcast studio.

Contact us today with your unique specifications and let our industry leading satcom integration professionals tap in-house resources for a turn-key vehicle communications solution.

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