Inmarsat Global Xpress Internet Service and Equipment

Inmarsat I5 Satellite Global Xpress network diagramAdvanced Boeing Satellite Systems I5 satellites cover the entire globe.



GX Features

 Highest Ka-Band speeds

 Compact mobile earth stations

 Data Rates up to 50 Mbps

 Simple system operation

 Total turnkey global wireless internet solution including all airtime, system equipment

 Perfect service for crew welfare and vessel management

 Highest security standards for Government applications

 Complete system equipment and installation is available from Digisat




Marine VSAT Satellite Internet antenna system idirect global express

Intellian Technologies GX terminal for yachts, ships and offshore platforms

Africa Satellite Internet Modem iDirect

IP-Centric GX satcom modem





Maritime and Aviation Internet network overview

Network connection overview shows a beam steerable I5 spacecraft for marine, aircraft and land based wireless broadband services 

As the need for instant global wireless connectivity grows, Maritime operators, Airlines, Enterprise organizations and Government agencies increasingly need access to high-speed internet services in order to complete critical missions, collaborate on complex projects or simply stay connected on an overseas voyage. Inmarsat Global Xpress service delivers the most advanced satcom solution to accomplish these tasks. 

Global Xpress is the very first truly world-wide Ka-band satcom network that has been constructed to deliver secure, end-to-end wideband IP connectivity for seamless airborne, maritime and land operations worldwide. With over 30 years of serving customers with its L-Band BGAN and FleetBroadband network, you can count on GX service to deliver reliable connectivity around the globe.  

What is Global Xpress?

GX service from Inmarsat delivers mobile broadband speeds of at up to 50 Mbps download to ultra-compact portable small aperture satcom terminals on airplanes, ships, vehicles and can even provide connectivity to land based fixed VSAT systems.  Regardless of where you're located, Global Xpress keeps you wirelessly connected to the internet backbone.  Inmarsat GX network consists of three high throughput Inmarsat-I5 spacecrafts: F1, F2 and F3.  The first of which was successfully launched and placed into orbit for IOT testing from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on December 8th 2013.

Coverage Map

Inmarsat GX footprint map


Hardware Specifications

 Maritime - Intellian V100GX, 4 watt Ka-Band BUC, (2) Global LNBs and GX series modem

 Government - Intellian V100PM

 Aviation - Honeywell EMS

 Land Based - Complete Global Xpress VSAT terminals available from Digisat

GX Equipment Solutions

Global Xpress Overview


Whether you operate an offshore platform or a fleet of ships, cruise the world on a super yacht, or you're a government agency, our team is here to assist with any of your application's global connectivity requirements.


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