Satellite Network Optimization Services

Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)

Adaptive Coding and Modulation System Diagram

  Improved availability of system links

  Significant bandwidth savings

  Constant enhancement and adjustment in inclimate weather


Advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Advanced Forward Error Correction Optimization Diagram

  Improves performance of error  prone channels

  Fast ROI

  Space Segment reduction

Signal Cancellation

Satellite Signal Cancellation Optimizer Diagram  Frequency reuse

  Decrease antenna and BUC size

  Reduce OPEX


DVB-S2 Modulation

DVB-S2 Modulator Network Diagram

  Great for larger outbound  capacity

  Maximized data throughput

  Enhanced modulation to  32APSK

  Coding for H.264 Video 

As wireless RF Satcom equipment and spacecraft technology evolves at a frantic pace, constant satellite network optimization is necessary to ensure reliability, enable cost savings and increase efficiency. Utilizing Digisat's industry leading engineering knowledge, helps operators improve network architecture, enhance performance and achieve significant reductions in monthly space segment costs.  

Suggestions and Evaluation 

Leveraging many years of real world practical engineering and integration experience, Digisat's professional tyeam of engineers provides in-depth technical assessments and optimization services in order to ensure that your equipment and systems operate at the highest level of spectral efficiency. Improving your subsystem topology and modulation scheme is a simple process that delivers years of enhanced cost reductions.  


OPEX and CAPEX Savings

Increasing your long term and monthly expenditures on equipment, lifecycle support and bandwidth is the primary focus of Digisat's optimizer services. We tailor these solutions specifically to your architecture and business goals. In all cases, satcom and VSAT operators obtain huge savings while increasing quality of service.    

RF Experts

Our satcom professionals are ready to work with your team to devise the best optimizing solution for your specific requirements. Digisat's expert engineering team and technical support staff offers extensive experience and total optimization services for Video Broadcasting, Content Distribution, IP, Maritime Satcom, large VSAT Networks, SNG, Government and Military Communications.  

Increase QOS, guarantee reliability and reduce monthly expenditures today. 


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