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 UHF Satcom


Satcom earth station antenna painting service

Roto-blast high pressure cleaning in progress on an 11.1 meter satcom antenna.


Satellite equipment antenna painting service solutions

Heat diffusion coating application on a Ku-Band 9.2m primary reflector, feed and subreflector.  


Satellite Earth Station Antenna Repair Services

Refurbishment and repair of a GD Satcom Technologies (Vertex) 8.1m antenna


Antenna Reflector Theodolite Alignment 9.3 meter Vertex GD Satcom

Drill tape positioning for a complete reflector theodolite alignment on a Vertex  ( GD Satcom ) 9.3M Ku-Band earth station antenna repair project.


Satellite Teleport Antenna Cleaning Services

Routine cleaning of a satellite teleport's Ka-band receive only antenna by a Digisat field maintenance technician.


Satcom Earth Station Antenna Paint After

Fully completed paint job on a 13 meter DBS-Band antenna. Bonding primer coating application and one coat of heat diffusive Vertex flat white.

Satellite Earth Station Antenna Maintenance Services

As existing Satellite Earth Station Antennas and VSAT Antennas age, many Satellite Teleports, VSAT Network Operators, Business owners and Broadcasters are looking for ways to prolong the effective service life of their Satcom Antennas and Satellite Communications Equipment while maintaining a high quality of service. 

Digisat provides services to efficiently maintain and care for your Satellite Earth Station Antennas and Satellite Equipment on a monthly, yearly or one time basis. The Digisat team has over 20 years of experience delivering custom Satellite Antenna and Satcom Equipment Maintenance solutions to clients around the globe. 

Our Satellite Antenna and Equipment Maintenance solutions encompass a wide variety of services that can easily be tailored to meet your specific equipment and budget requirements. These Satellite Antenna Maintenance services are designed to complement your existing team while allowing you to focus on your core business goals. Our seasoned team of highly experienced Satellite Antenna technicians have the expertise to tackle the toughest maintenance tasks in a timely and cost effective fashion while adhering to strict quality processes. 

Whether it's routine, preventive or corrective Antenna Maintenance, Digisat's services will ensure that your Satellite Antennas continue to experience reliable, trouble free operation, while maintaining performance in accordance with factory specifications. 

All Antenna Sizes

We service Earth Station Antennas in all sizes up to 32 meters along with all associated electronic RF equipment (High Power Amplifier, SSPA, Converters, Block Up Converters, Waveguide). Digisat also offers expedited response times for urgent requirements. 

Digisat's Satellite Earth Station Antenna and Equipment Maintenance Services include: 

Power Washing

  • Reflector
  • Sub-Reflector
  • Back Structure
  • Hub
  • Kingpost / Mount
  • Antenna Foundations

Corrosion removal

  • Media Blasting
  • Water Jetting
  • Manual Removal

Coating application

  • Bonding & Corrosion Inhibiting Primer
  • Epoxy, Direct to Metal & Heat Diffusing Coatings
  • Cold Galvanizing
  • Airless Spray, HVLP, Brush / Roll- (for high traffic & sensitive areas)

Grease and Lube

  • Azimuth & Elevation Jacks
  • Azimuth & Elevation Gear Boxes
  • Polarization Drive Controller System
  • Pivot Points

General Maintenance

  • Azimuth & Elevation Actuator Boot Replacement
  • Feed Window Replacement
  • Motor and gear box repair
  • Rigid and flexible waveguide repair
  • Cad Welding
  • Weatherproofing
  • Custom steel and aluminum fabrication
  • De-ice system troubleshooting
  • Gas Deice heater spring tune-ups
  • Lighting Systems
  • Lightning protection

Antenna Repair

  • Gear Box Replacement
  • AZ & EL Motor Replacement
  • Reflector Panel Repair/Replace
  • Antenna Control System Troubleshooting
  • RF and AC Power Cabling Replacement

Please contact us today for more information on our teleport maintenance services and how we can help you streamline your ongoing Earth Station Antenna PM routine. 

Some of the typical antennas that we service and repair: -

General Dynamics Satcom Technologies ( Vertex RSI )

Cassegrain, Tracking and Limited Motion

L-Band, C-Band , Ku-Band , X-Band Low PIM, DBS-Band and Ka-Band Antennas

 21.0m  18.3m  16.4m  13.1m  11.1m
 9.3m  9.2m  9.0m  8.1m  7.3m
 7.2m  6.3m  4.8m    

Viasat / Scientific Atlanta Earth Station Antenna

C-Band, Ku-Band, X-Band and Ka-Band Antennas 

 18m  16m  13.5m  11m
 9.1m  7.3 meter  6.0m  3.9 Meter UHST

Andrew / ASC Signal Earth Station Antennas

C-Band, Ku-Band, X-Band and Ka-Band Antennas 

 9.4m  9.3m  8.1m  7.6m  7.3m
 6.5m  5.6m  4.6m  4.5m  3.7m

In addition to large earth station antennas, Digisat also supports field service, repair and maintenance for stabilized systems and VSAT terminals including:

 Intellian  Cobham SeaTel  AVL Technologies  C-Com iNetVu
 JRC  NEC  Tracstar  Kymeta
 L3  Harris  Swedish Microwave  Prodelin
 Skyware Global  ViaSat Exede  Orbit-CS   KNS

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