Satellite Internet Service - Middle East


Operational VSAT Internet system in Republic of Congo

1.8M Prodelin dish provides coverage in outer fringe areas. 



Africa Satellite Internet Modem iDirect

iDirect X3 High-Speed satellite modem for fixed dish C- and Ku-Band Satellite Internet services and VoiP.


3.8M VSAT Internet Antenna providing iDirect services to Islamabad Pakistan

This Prodelin GD Satcom 3.8M antenna is supplying a dedicated SCPC connection to a mining company's remote Northern Africa office. 

Baghdad Iraq Satellite Internet System Installation

A typical compact 1.2 meter dish with a non-penetrating roof mount (NPRM) is used for iDirect Middle East Internet service.

West Asia & Near East Country Coverage List

 Saudi Arabia

 United Arab Emirates (UAE)














Africa Fixed Satellite Dish Internet Kit

This 1.2M Ku-Band VSAT antenna kit with BUC, LNB, Modem and cables is an economical solution for establishing a Middle East satellite internet service link in Iraq and UAE.


iDirect Satellite Internet Middle Eastern Network Configuration

Network connection architecture diagram shows an iDirect Hub and remote dish connected to the global internet backbone.




Vehicle Satellite Internet kit africa

This semi-permanent VSAT kit is excellent for temporary sites like mining, construction and oil and gas production operations. 

VSAT Internet iDirect Hub services in Middle East

A state-of-the-art iDirect hub earth station delivers Digisat's Middle East satellite internet access services.

iDirect X5 mobile satellite internet modem

The X5 series modem shown here is compatible with all auto acquire VSAT antennas for mobile satellite internet, auto acquire VSAT and semi-fixed dish manual pointing applications

With multiple ways to connect to the internet throughout the Middle East, and as one of the most popular satellite service providers for high-speed broadband access in the Mid Eastern region, Digisat is the leader in delivering reliable, performance grade connectivity solutions throughout the area. Our economical high-speed VSAT services provide multiple satellite platforms for unlimited broadband connectivity. For users desiring an always-on, low latency, VPN optimized, highly predictable connection for both VoiP phone services and data, these subscriber plans deliver a constant medium to surf the net and communicate via crystal clear voice services.  

iDirect Platform

Currently, iDirect is a widely used economical platform for business and personal connectivity solutions for Middle-Easterners. After years of engineering breakthroughs and system deployments throughout the Middle East, Digisat continues to remain at the cutting edge of delivering highly reliable and cost effective satellite communications connectivity services by utilizing this ground breaking network topology. 

Simple IP Connections 

Digisat’s all-inclusive turnkey satellite internet solutions have been tweaked throughout the years in order to provide you with the very best equipment and service. This high quality VoiP and Internet system delivers a crucial IP network link with Layer 7 bandwidth management, connectivity optimization, PEP acceleration, firewall protection, VPN acceleration, redundancy fail-over, system load switching/balancing, in-house network monitoring, and a host of other beneficial services and networking features. All of these additional value added networking benefits come standard with all Digisat service plans.

Affordable Equipment

All of Digisat’s Middle East Satellite Internet access packages offer choices for multiple equipment configurations. Depending on where your office, site or vessel is located, determines which satellite and spacecraft frequency is utilized. Our network operates over Ku-Band, C-Band and Ka-Band frequencies. In most cases, customers can use their currently owned equipment to access Digisat’s satellite network.   

What’s Included

 Unlimited Access Traffic (no Fair Access Policy)


 Dedicated CIR (Confirmed Information Rate) Bandwidth

 99.55% Guaranteed Network Uptime

 Digisat PEP Acceleration and Optimization

 Web and DNS Caching

 2.4 or 5 GHz WLAN Access Point

 Bandwidth Management Appliance

 Firewall Protection

 VPN Client and Server

 Layer 2 Captive Portal with NAT and DHCP Servers

 Web GUI based Reporting & Monitoring Tools


 Bandwidth: From 256 kbps to 8 Mbps

 Minimum Term: 1 month with automatic renewal

 Security Deposit: 1 month

 Payment: Wire transfer in advance, credit card or net terms pending approval

 Cancellation Policy: 30 business days advance notice 

Platform Details

 Platform: iDirect Evolution DVB-S2/ACM

 Satellite Spacecraft: Eutelsat 21B

 Frequency Range: Ku-Band

 Teleport: Digisat DE1, Germany

 Supported Modems: All iDirect Evolution series modems

Maritime Service

Maritime internet service and VoiP can be provided by Eutelsat-21B. Please contact a member of our sales team for more information and pricing on Digisat’s Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean maritime internet service rates.

Middle East Internet Coverage Map - Eutelsat 21B

Eutelsat 21B North Africa Idirect Broadband Internet

Eutelsat 21B iDirect Satellite Service Pricing

North Africa and Middle-East Ku-Band Coverage

Eutelsat 21B African iDirect pricing

Premium Eutelsat 21B Satellite Internet African Prices

Custom subscriber packages - If you don't see a plan listed that fits your application's needs, contact us and we'll prepare a special shared or dedicated SCPC bandwidth quote. Completely managed VNO services are also available for resellers and large networks.


Hardware Specifications

 i-Direct Ku-Band - 1.2 meter antenna, 3 or 4 watt BUC, LNB and iDirect Evolution series modem

 i-Direct C-Band - 1.8 meter antenna, 5 watt BUC, LNB and iDirect Evolution modem

 Dedicated SCPC Ku- or C-Band bandwidth - 2.4M or 3.8M Tx/Rx VSAT antennas, equipment varies depending on required data rates and geographic location within Middle East or Northern Africa regions. Typical modems include Comtech, Paradise Datacom and iDirect.

Please Note: Some service areas may require larger antenna sizes and BUCs.

Fixed Site VSAT Hardware

Digisat’s Fixed Broadband VSAT Hardware Kit includes everything needed to establish a high speed connection:

 Ku-Band VSAT Antenna

 3 Watt BUC


 iDirect X3 Evolution Modem

 Digisat D2W Server/Access Point

 Pre-Terminated Cables with all accessories

1.2m Antenna System Hardware Kit


1.8m Antenna System Hardware Kit



Maritime Satcom Hardware

Digisat’s Marine VSAT Antenna connectivity kit includes:

 Ku-Band 3-Axis Stabilized Marine VSAT Antenna

 8 Watt Ku- BUC

 (2) Global PLL LNBs

 iDirect Evolution X5 Modem

 Digisat D2W Server/Access Point

 Pre-made Cables and all required accessories

Intellian V130 1.25m Maritime System Kit

MSRP Price: US$52,320

Intellian V100GX 1.05m Maritime System Kit

MSRP Price: US$55,500

Transportable, Flyaway and Mobile Vehicular VSAT Hardware

Digisat’s Broadband Services Portable VSAT Hardware Kit Includes:

 Ku-Band manual or Auto acquire VSAT Antenna

 8 Watt BUC


 iDirect Evolution X5 Modem

 Digisat D2W Server/Access Point


DSAT AIR-Series Mobile Flyaway VSAT, Manual Pointing

Prices starting at US$9,950

DSAT AIR-Series Mobile Flyaway VSAT, Auto Acquire

Prices starting at US$12,520

DSAT VM-Series Vehicular Mounted VSAT, Autopoint

Prices starting at US$11,460

DSAT VM-Series Fly-n-Drive VSAT, Auto-Acquire

Prices starting at US$12,815


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