Kymeta KALO Satellite Internet Service Plans - Fixed, Maritime, On-the-Move (SOTM)

The entire lineup of Kymeta KĀLO satellite internet service plans for global maritime, fixed, and mobile on-the-move (SOTM) IP connectivity. Powered by the IntelsatOne Flex network, this airtime delivers exceptional broadband commercial and secure military grade speeds.  Using the KyWay U7 Flat Panel mTenna, installation and provisioning are a breeze.


  • Easy to understand and buy connectivity
  • Complete global coverage
  • Familiar data package options that consumers are used to buying today
  • Flexible, variable usage solutions
  • Radically easy–pay for what you use

This revolutionary new global service opens new markets and allows organizations that require high-bandwidth mobile internet access to do business while on the move. For sectors that have traditionally had difficulty accessing reliable, cost effective internet in the past such as connected cars, renewable energy, commercial fishing, rail, bus and more, KĀLO provides a one-of-a-kind solution for complete global SOTM service.

All KALO Internet service plans deliver speeds up to 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload that can be used in fixed platform applications, or while moving through harsh terrain. Users traversing the high- seas on ships, yachts and even smaller vessels can enjoy uninterrupted Internet communications and phone service through multiple oceans, rivers and waterways.

Global Footprint Map

Kalo Internet Service Plan Coverage Footprint Map

For users that demand connectivity that can not be delivered with traditional networks, KALO simplifies and accelerates access to cost-effective connectivity, pairing a modern high throughput Ku-Band satellite network with a groundbreaking satellite terminal.

These subscription packages are perfect for situations where companies and government users need to have consistent OPEX pricing for their worldwide mobile and fixed internet services. Deployments include fixed environments like construction sites, on-the-pause environments like RVs, and mobile environments like trains and marine vessels.

When you purchase these airtime packages from Digisat, fast and easy service provisioning and commissioning is accomplished remotely while the Kymeta U7 terminal is deployed in the field.  Users can be up and running transmitting and receiving data within hours after purchase.

Fixed Platform Plan with Monthly Data Allotment

  • 900‐00011 5GB
  • 900‐00012 10GB
  • 900‐00013 20GB
  • 900‐00014 40GB
  • 900‐00015 80GB
  • 900‐00034 Data Overage per GB

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Mobile Roaming On-The-Move

  • 900‐00001 5GB
  • 900‐00002 10GB
  • 900‐00003 20GB
  • 900‐00004 40GB
  • 900‐00005 80GB
  • 900‐00035 Data Overage

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Maritime SOTM

  • 900‐00006 5GB
  • 900‐00007 10GB
  • 900‐00008 20GB
  • 900‐00009 40GB
  • 900‐00010 80GB
  • 900‐00036 Data Overage

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Low Profile Vehicle Systems

Maritime- No Domes

Integrated Case Flyaway

For our Military and Government customers, Digisat is a small business offering special pricing on all airtime plans and Kymeta equipment.  Our cost effective bundles are available for immediate shipment and commisioning anytime, on a worldwide basis.  Check out all of them here.

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