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Satcom Systems Integration Solutions Services

Digisat's satcom system integration solutions cover a wide range of satellite communication  technologies. We deliver the highest quality systems integrator services to any worldwide location. Our proven integration solutions are designed to blend seamlessly across multiple platforms and protocols. From initial system design to equipment installation and RF testing, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire process to specifically address their unique system performance requirements and goals. Flexibility and affordability are incorporated into every integration project by providing our clients a wide variety of equipment and deployment options. Our fully scalable configurations afford our clients the opportunity to utilize their own in house designs, engineering and components or ours. Digisat's custom tailored integrated solutions support integration onsite at your facility or in house at our state of the art manufacturing plant.  

Fully Integrated Solutions

Whether your integration needs are a system upgrade or a complete new facility, Digisat's end goal is to deliver a reliably designed, quality product delivered on time.  Flexibility, scalability, affordability and quality- It's how the Digisat team provides custom integration solutions.

Satellite Communications Systems

Digisat's satellite communication integration solutions offer our clients a multitude of choices when it comes to deploying and implementing network hardware. Our in house team of satellite integrator professionals can complete systems integration in house at our facility, or in the field at your location.  We integrate all satcom equipment including:

 Antenna systems - LNA plates, motor drive systems, antenna control units, de-ice

 Amplifiers - SSPA, TWT, Klystrons, redundancy switching, rigid-eliptical- flexible waveguide, RF cabling, VPRC

 Converters - Up/Down, fully integrated racks, redundancy switching, RF cabling

 Video - Modulators and Demodulators, fully integrated racks, redundancy switching, RF cabling

 Satcom Modems - 70/140 mhz, L-band and Fiber optic, all interfaces, rates up to 155mbps, fully integrated racks, redundancy switching, RF cabling, Terrestrial interface

In addition to satellite systems integrating, Digisat also offers integration solutions for:


Outdoor, Indoor and Mobile networks, LTE, WIMAX, WIFI, Custom wireless solutions, Broadband, Controllers, Switches, Routers, Access points, Bridges, Hot spots, antennas, cabling, Turn-key fully integrated equipment racks

Fiber Optic

Multiplexers, Transmitters, Receivers, Wideband RF link, IF RF link, L Band RF link, 5mhz and 10mhz RF links, Single and multi mode, Custom cables, Cabling, 


Switch centers, switches, DSX, Central office cabling, Cable support systems, Power systems

IP Networks

Gateways, Routers, Hubs, Switches, Network management systems, Optical networking, Turn-key fully integrated equipment racks, Cabling, Cable support systems, Power Systems

Cable Headends

CATV, MATV, SMATV, CCTV and Satellite distribution-

Modulators, Receivers, Dividers, Combiners, Filters, Amplifiers, Demodulators, Antennas, Cabling, Turn-key fully integrated equipment racks


Amplifiers, antennas, towers, cabling 


GSM, GPRS, CDMA, EDGE, 3GSM, Back-haul, Transceivers, Combiners, Waveguide, Shelters, Power Syetems, Turn-key fully integrated equipment racks

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