QD-Series Quick Deploy / Flyaway VSAT Terminals


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Turnkey VSAT Satellite Antenna Systems

The Digisat DSAT-QD series Quick Deploy / Flyaway VSAT Terminals are completely integrated turnkey solutions that come wholly ready to operate on edge networks. These rugged systems include the antenna and all RF electronics from the dish mounted BUC amplifier to shockproof rack mounted modems and modulators.  

When long distance remote communication is a necessity during emergency situations or a natural disaster, the QD series Flyaway VSAT terminals deliver instant infrastructure on the EDGE to effectively coordinate response efforts in stricken regions. These robust terminals are future-proof engineered and designed for military troops, news gathering teams and all non-technical first responders.     

Custom Antenna Configurations

These advanced systems are available in multiple application specific configurations with antennas sizes ranging from 75cm - 2.4M reflectors. QD portable very small aperture terminals are easily transported via regular airfreight or checked luggage and provide world-wide satellite connectivity on all frequencies including C-, Ku-, Ka-Band and military X-Band.  

Configuring one of Digisat's turnkey transportable dishes is a very easy process; simply contact us with your required application specifications or choose one of our flyaway antennasBUC amplifiersmodemsmodulators or video encoders, and we'll professionally integrate all components to your exacting standards. Edge Network communications solutions are simple with when you utilize these turnkey flyaway VSAT terminals. 

When you work with Digisat, you can count on our total end-to-end global satcom resources and industry leading integration experts to provide a completely integrated terminal, and if required- all necessary satellite space segment provisioning services. 

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