VSAT Satcom Satellite Equipment

The most comprehensive offering of the latest advanced Satellite Communications equipment from the most respected satcom manufacturers on the planet.  As an industry leading global supplier, distributor and satcom service provider, Digisat plays a vital role in deploying satcom equipment around the globe to world recognized companies and governmental agencies.  

You can count on Digisat as part of your extended network for reliable turn-key integrated VSAT terminals, single piece hardware solutions or multi systems equipment procurement and satcom support services.  

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Satellite Accessories

VSAT accessories products tab Satcom Accessories


 Flexible Waveguide, Microwave Filters, Coaxial Cable Assemblies and Installation / Integration hardware accessory kits for VSAT, Earth Stations, Remote and Maritime Satcom Systems




  Satellite AmplifierHigh Power Amplifiers product tab Amplifiers


 Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA), Klystrons and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) for all frequencies including C-, X-, Ka and Ku-Band from General Dynamics Satcom Technologies, MCL Inc., CPI Satcom, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Agilis Satcom, Xicom, Advantech and Anacom 




Satellite AntennaSatellite Equipment product tab Satellite Antennas

All of the most popular and reliable Satcom, Earth Station and VSAT antenna models from GD Satcom Technologies (formerly Prodelin and VertexRSI), ASC Signal (formerly Andrew Corp.), Intellian, Advantech, Skyware Global, AVL Technologies, Winegard Special Products, ViaSat, iNetVu, Sat-Lite Technologies and Norsat


Satellite Antenna Controller

Satellite Antenna Controllers product tab  Antenna Controllers


Precision ground earth station antenna controller systems for remotely controlling gear box drive systems including azimuth, elevation, polarization motors and servos from ASC Signal, GD Satcom Technologies, ViaSat, C-Com iNetVu and Research Concepts






 VSAT BUCs product tab Block Upconverters (BUC)


Rugged, Reliable, High Quality Block Upconverters (BUCs) from New Japan Radio (NJRC), Agilis Satcom, CPI Satcom (Codan), Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Terrasat, Xicom, ITS Electronics and Comtech EF Data. BUC transmitters for all satellite frequencies including C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-Band. 


Satcom Bandwidth products tab Bandwidth OptimizationBandwidth Optimization


Satellite Bandwidth Optimizers from Logic Innovations (IDC), Comtech EF Data, International Datacasting, Paradise Datacom, Xiplink, Newtec and more

RF Converters products tab ConvertersFrequency Converters

A great selection of high stability RF frequency converters from Comtech EF Data, GD Satcom Technologies, Cross Technologies, Atlantic Satellite, Radyne, Newtec, Novelsat, Paradise Datacom and more for Ku-, X-, Ka- and C-Band upconverting and downconverting.

DVB Video Broadcast equipment products tab  DVB-S2 / DVB-SDVB-S2 DVB-S Modems Receivers

Highly advanced DVB-S and DVB-S2 Satellite Modulators, Modems, Integrated Receveiver Decoders (IRD), MF-TDMA Routers from iDirect, Newtec, Comtech EF Data, Wellav, Adtec, Paradise Datacom and more. 

RF over Fiber Systems products tab Fiber Optic IFLFiber Optic IFL

RF Over Fiber Optic Systems for Interfacility Links (IFL) from Foxcom, Evertz and ViaLite for C-, X-, Ku- and L-Band optical link applications that deliver low group delay and zero signal loss.


Satellite LNBsVSAT LNB products tab LNB (Low Noise Block Converters)

The widest selection of PLL, DRO, Internal 10 MHz Reference and Ext. Ref. C-, X-, Ka- and Ku-Band LNBs from Norsat International, GD Satcom, SPC America, Intellian, Acorde, Paradise and NJRC (New Japan Radio Corp.)

Low Noise Amplifier products tab Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)Low Noise Amplifier

Industry leading high quality Ku-, C-, Ka- and X-Band LNAs from Paradise Datacom, General Dynamics Satcom, ITS, Miteq and Norsat 


Mobile Satcom Trailer System

Portable VSAT systems products tab Mobile Satellite Communications Systems


Complete Turnkey Mobile Satellite Communications Systems for all Satcom requirements including SNG,  Video Broadcasting, Media Streaming, Remote Internet, VSAT Trailers, Quick Deploy, Portable VSAT Antennas, Airline Checkable, Small Aperture Flyaway Antenna Solutions, Vehicle Broadband and Maritime Internet Service 




Satellite Modem

VSAT modem products tab Satellite Modems

All the most popular IF-Band and L-Band satellite modem models for all data rates and coding including Advanced LDPC, TPC, Paired Carrier (PCMA) and Carrier-in-Carrier from Comtech EF Data, Newtec, Radyne, Paradise Datacom, Novelsat, Datum Systems, iDirect and Agilis

Communications network management systems products tab Network Management SystemsSatellite Network Management Appliance

COTS and Custom Network Management Systems for Teleports, Uplink Trucks, VSAT Networks, Military Satcom Terminals, Maritime Networks and News Gathering 


Satellite Beacon Audio Receivers


Satellite Receiver products tab Receivers

IP, Beacon, Analog, SCPC, DVB-S2 and Satellite Audio Broadcast Receivers


RF Matrix Switches


L-Band Matrix Switch products tab RF Switches


ETL Systems and Quintech L-Band Matrix Switching Systems, Redundancy Switches, Converters, Modem Switches and RF Combiners - Dividers


TransceiversVSAT Transceiver products tab Transceivers

70/140 MHz IF Input Satellite Transceivers from Comtech, Anacom Inc., Agilis and Acorde


Video Broadcast Equipment

Video Distribution products tab Video Broadcast


High Definition, Standard Definition, MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 Video Encoders, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, DVB / DVB-S2 Modulators, Demodulators and Multiplexers 






Used Satellite Communications EquipmentUsed Satcom equipment products tab Used Satellite Equipment


Huge selection of used Earth Station Antennas, VSAT Antenna Systems, Modems, Converters, Encoders, Modulators, Amplifiers and Networking Equipment