Winegard WV750A 75cm Vehicle Mount Ka-Band Exede Internet Antenna

C-Com Ka-75V antenna

C-Com iNetVu Ka-75V 75cm Ka-Band Drive-Away Antenna

Winegard SF750 .75 Meter VSAT Antenna

Winegard SF750 .75M Small Footprint Auto-Acquisition VSAT Antenna System

Winegard WV750A 75cm Vehicle Mount Ka-Band Exede Internet Antenna is available to buy in increments of 1

Easily mounts on all vehicles, 75cm Antenna, Exceptional for remote SNG applications or high throughput internet access

WV750A Mobile Exede Internet Antenna

The ultra compact and lightweight Winegard WV750A is a highly advanced auto deploy mobile VSAT antenna that's fully compliant and certified for use with Viasat Exede Internet service and offers seamless integration with all Surfbeam 2 modems.  This fully motorized auto-acquire system features "one touch" satellite acquisition capability and offers simple operation by all non-technical personnel.  This powerful terminal enables remote users to access high throughput ka-band internet services via satellite.   

Ka-Band Compliant

Fully certified and compliant for use on Exede Enterprise Ka Service by ViaSat

Auto Satellite Acquisition

The WV750A series antenna automatically locates the satellite without any manual intervention, which makes this system an ideal choice for users without any satellite experience.

Key Features

FLY-75V Features One-Piece, high surface accuracy, off set feed, steel reflector

FLY-75V Features Heavy duty feed arm capable of supporting Ka transceiver

FLY-75V Features Ultra-low backlash gear train ensures reliable and superior performing system

FLY-75V Features 2 Axis motorization

FLY-75V Features Supports manual control when required

FLY-75V Features One button, auto-pointing controller acquires Ka-band satellite within minutes

FLY-75V Features Exceeds Mil-spec standards

FLY-75V Features Rugged design for harsh environments

FLY-75V Features Mounts to the roof of a vehicle or trailer,

FLY-75V Features Standard 1 year warranty

Easy TRIA and Modem Integration

The WV750A Series mobile antenna is easily integrated with the very latest RF components from ViaSat, NJRC, iDirect, Eutelsat Tooway and more. Complete turnkey mobile internet systems can be provided to meet your exact application's requirements.

Winegard WV750A Network Interface Connection Diagram 




arrow Reflector:

.75cm Elliptical Antenna, off set feed

arrow Axis Configuration:

Elevation over Azimuth

arrow Deployment Sensors:



GPS Compass Automatic heading +/-1.0 degrees


Tilt sensor ± 0.1˚

arrow Azimuth:

+/-200˚ from Azimuth Home Position (400 degrees total)

arrow Elevation:

0 - 95˚

arrow Elevation Deploy Speed

Variable .5˚/sec typ.

arrow Azimuth Deploy Speed

Variable .5˚/sec typ

arrow Peaking Speed






arrow Wind Deployed

75 mph (121 km/h)

arrow Wind Stowed

100 mph (160 km/h)

arrow Temperature

-40˚C to 60˚C (-40˚F to 149˚F)



arrow Wind

72 km/h (45 mph)

arrow Temperature

-30˚C to 55˚C (-22˚F to 130˚F)

arrow Thermal Test per MIL-STD-810G

arrow Vibration Test per MIL-STD-810G

arrow Mechanical Shock Test per MIL-STD-810G



arrow Rx & Tx Cable

RG6 coax cable - 40 ft

arrow Control Cables

Standard: RG-6 coax cable - 40 ft


Optional: RG-6 coax cable up to 150 ft available

arrow Frequency (GHz)


arrow Receive

18.30 - 20.20

arrow Transmit

28.10 - 30.00

arrow Feed Interface (Circular)

Single Coax Cable


Feed Arm

arrow Radio Mounting


arrow Coaxial

RG-58/U from Transceiver to Base Connector



arrow Stowed Dimensions

L: 48” / W: 29.8” / H: 11.5”

arrow Deployed Height


arrow Weight

75 lbs

 Winegard WV750A Specifications pdf

Viasat Exede application note for WV750A

Viasat Exede Internet Acess for applications such as remote SNG, Oil and Gas Communications, Disaster Recovery Communications, Tactical Communications