Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite Comms on the Move Satellite Modem


Teledyne Paradise Datacom PCMA-70 Paired Carrier Multiple Access Satellite Bandwidth Optimization System

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Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite Comms on the Move Satellite Modem is available to buy in increments of 1

Supports bandwidth saving PCMA technology, Fastlink LDPC

Q-Lite Comms on the Move Satellite Modem

The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite series modem board is a compact, single-board SCPC satellite modem suitable for integration into custom enclosures for portable communications and comms-on-the-move.  The Q-Lite has been designed for simple mechanical integration into OEM products, being small in physical size and with very low power consumption. It is compatible with our leading edge Paradise Quantum IP modems and inherits all of the core Quantum functions including modulations, FECs and bandwidth saving features.

Monitoring and control of the modem is via Ethernet, with an option to fit a keypad and LCD display for localized control. There are also options to fit one or two fans for cooling.

The Paradise Datacom Q-Lite is small in size but big on features:

Paired Carrier overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by 50%.

FastLink low-latency LDPC has been designed for latency-sensitive applications while DVB-S2 is renowned for its bandwidth efficiency.

Key Features:

- Small form factor (255mm x 184mm)

- L-band operation (950MHz to 2050MHz)

- Data rates to 60Mbps

- IP interface with advanced IP feature set including encryption, TCP acceleration, compression, routing, bridging, traffic shaping,

- ACM and throughput diagnostic graphs

- DVB-S2, FastLink low-latency LDPC and other FEC options

- 24 Volt input power supply

- 30 Watt power consumption

- Modulations up to 64QAM

- Optional keypad/LCD display and fans

- Optional L-band services (10MHz output, BUC/LNB PSU)

- Optional 1U half-rack enclosure (half width of standard 19” rack)

- LinkGuard signal-under-carrier interference detection

- Built-in spectrum and constellation monitors

- Interoperable with other Paradise modems

- Software upgradeable

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