Paradise Datacom X-Band GAN vBUC VSAT Block Upconverter

Paradise uBUC X-band

Paradise Datacom uBUC X-Band Micro Block Upconverter Module

Ka-Band BUC Paradise Datacom

Paradise Datacom Ka-Band VSAT Block Upconverter (vBUC)

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Paradise Datacom X-Band GAN vBUC VSAT Block Upconverter is available to buy in increments of 1

X-Band power output of up to 80 Watts

Teledyne X-Band GAN vBUC VSAT Block Upconverter

The next generation of High Power Density Block Up Converters has been unveiled at Teledyne Paradise Datacom. Powered by GaN technology, these converters are the most efficient in the Satcom Industry.

Paradise Datacom X-Band vBUC GAN Spectral Regrowth

RF Power

GaN devices pack a high output power capability within a compact physical volume. GaN devices make ideal power amplifiers at microwave frequencies because they can operate at much higher temperatures and work at much higher voltages than GaAs devices. GaN devices also offer higher power efficiency and greater linear power capability.

Teledyne vBUC X-Band RF Phase Noise

Monitor & Control

A wide range of monitor and control is standard and includes Legacy FSK protocol, Standard Paradise Datacom RS-485 and Ethernet support via UDP, SNMP, and an Internal Web Browser.

Completely Redundant

The vBUC is available in 1:1 redundant configurations, 1:2 redundant configurations with the addition of a RCP2-1200 Redundant System Controller. Chain 1:1 redundancy is available with the use of a RCPD-1100 Dual Redundant Controller.






Frequency Range

7.9 to 8.4



Output Power @: PSAT / Two-Tone PLINEAR (Typical / Guaranteed Minimum)


Gain 79 dB

PSAT / Two-Tone PLINEAR 49.0/45.0 (80/32)

dBm (W)

Power Requirements: Typical (Max) 48 VDC Input Current AC Input Power


@ Two-Tone PLINEAR 5.7 (6.0) 335 (355)

@ rated PSAT 7.3 (7.9) 430 (465)


Military and Government Satcom Systems, SNAP Terminals