Norsat 9000HX-O3B DUO Series Ka-Band O3B Networks LNB

njrc njr2828 o3b ka-band lnb

NJRC NJR2828 Ka-Band O3B PLL Low Noise Block Downconverter

Norsat 9000HX-O3B-BN

Norsat 9000HX-O3B-BN DUO Series Ka-Band O3B Networks LNB

Norsat 9000HX-O3B
Norsat 9000HX-O3B DUO Series Ka-Band O3B Networks LNB is available to buy in increments of 1

O3B Ka-Band frequency bands: O3B-A Band: 17.852 to 18.588 GHz, O3B-B Band: 18.372 to 19.300, L.O. Stability: ±1.5 ppm in PLL , RF Output: Type-N Female Connector, 1.5 dB Noise Figure

The Norsat 9000HX-O3B Series Ka-Band Low Noise Block Converter is compatible with all O3B Networks Satellite antennas including prime focus and offset reflector models.  The 9000HX O3B Ka-Band LNB is available in two distinct frequency bands, O3B-A Band: 17.852 to 18.588 GHz, and O3B-B Band: 18.372 to 19.300.  The Norsat 9000HX-O3B LNB is approved for use on O3B satellite networks and offers a highly stable local oscillator that delivers ±1.5 ppm in PLL.  L-Band RF output frequency is dependent on which frequency band configuration is chosen- A-Band: 1052 to 1788 MHz, and B-Band: 972 to 1900 MHz.  L-Band RF output connector is a 50-ohm type-N female.  Ka-Band RF frequency input is accomplished with a precision grooved WR42 waveguide flange.  

Noise Figure: 1.5 dB

O3B Ka-Band Frequencies:

Norsat 9000HX O3B LNB Frequency chart

Norsat 9000HX-O3B LNB Ordering Information

Norsat 9000HX-O3B Ordering Configuration Information

Outline Diagram

Norsat 9000HX-O3B Ka-Band LNB Mechanical Diagram


Noise Figure

1.5 dB max.

L.O. stability

±1.5 ppm in PLL

Phase noise

-70dBc @ 1KHz -80dBc @ 10KHz

Reference phase noise

-145dBc @ 1KHz

Input return loss

10dB max.

Output return loss

10dB max.

Conversion gain

55dB (min), 58 dB (typ)

Gain Flatness over frequency

± 1.5 dB in any 216MHz

Output P1dB

+5 dBm min


+15 dBm min

Image rejection

40 dBc min.

Output impedance


DC power

+11 to +26V

DC current

300 mA

Input waveguide


Output connector

N (Female)


137(L) x 70(W) x 59(H) mm



Operating Temperature

-40 to + 55°C

Automatic switch to internal PLL when Ext. Ref. is not available.

Frequency Bands Available



17.852 to 18.588

18.372 to 19.300



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