Kymeta KyWay u7 Antenna Ku-Band Flat Panel Satcom On The Move (SOTM)

Kymeta KyWay u7 8W (Ku) with iDirect Modem

Kymeta KyWay u7 8W (Ku) with iDirect Modem

Kymeta KyWay u7 Antenna Ku-Band Flat Panel Satcom On The Move (SOTM) is available to buy in increments of 1

Ku-Band SOTM

KyWay u7 Ku-Band Flat Panel Antenna

Kymeta KyWay u7 satellite terminals address critical needs for low-profile, high-throughput and lightweight communication systems that out perform any mechanical antenna, fixed or on-the-move, making connecting any vehicle, vessel or fixed platform easier and more reliable than ever before.  These compact antennas provide Internet connectivity anytime while on the move or stationary, on land or at sea.  

KĀLO satellite services from Digisat can also be bundled with this system and purchased in flexible, variable usage packages that utilize familiar and easy-to-understand data plans.

These light-weight and compact SOTM units deliver an end-to-end, broadband, mobile communications solution.

  • Easy Operation and Installation, Satellite technician not required for installation, setup, commissioning and provisioning
  • Highly reliable, solid state electronically-steered antenna, no gimbals, no motors required
  • Extremely agile, fast tracking, on-the-move connectivity supports mobile broadband

Key Features

  • Flat-panel for low-profile installation options
  • Electronic steering for low maintenance and reliable connectivity
  • Simple power-on startup and auto-acquisition for easy operation
  • Lower power consumption than competitive flat panel terminals
  • Broad applicability – for all maritime vessels, vehicles and fixed applications
  • Reliable communications even at high speeds and on rough seas or terrain

Digisat provides turnkey installation for U7 antennas anywhere in the world, anytime, for any application. Internet service provisioning is also performed by our highly skilled technicians and can be accomplished within hours after purchase. Please contact us today for a total turnkey IP connectivity solution.

All KALO Internet plans and prices for fixed, mobile and maritime internet service can be found here

System Configuration

KyWay u7 Configuration

Need turnkey installation, integration and service provisioning?  Digisat's highly skilled and experienced technicians are based in Central/South Florida and can travel worldwide at a moments notice. Please contact us today. 




Antenna type

Electronically scanned array


Vertical and horizontal software defined

RX frequency range

11.4 – 12.4 GHz

RX gain

33.0 dB


9.5 dB/K

RX scan roll-off as measured @ 60°


RX instantaneous bandwidth

>100 MHz

TX frequency range

14.0 – 14.5 GHz

TX gain

32.5 dB

TX instantaneous bandwidth

>100 MHz

TX scan roll-off as measured @ 60°



Tracking rate


Scan angles

Theta up to 75° off broadside and Phi 360°



Mobile tracking accuracy

FCC compliant for 25.222 and 25.226

Tracking receiver type

Integrated DVB-S2


Outdoor unit dimensions

L 82.3 cm x W 82.3 cm x D 16.5 cm

L 32.4 in. x W 32.4 in. x D 6.4 in.

Outdoor unit weight

21.1 kg | 46.5 lb.

Outdoor unit mounting interface

4 x M8 x 1.25 mounting standoffs 0.95 cm | 0.375 in. deep

Maximum indoor unit dimensions

W 44.5 cm x D 31.75 cm x H 9.06 cm

W 17.5 in. x D 12. 5 in. x H 3.57 in.

Indoor unit weight

6.35 kg | 14.0 lb.


Outdoor unit operational temperature

-25°C to +55°C

Outdoor unit storage temperature

-40°C to +75°C

Outdoor unit ingress protection

IP 66

Outdoor unit shock

IEC 60068-2-27

Outdoor unit vibration



IEC 60068-2-64

IEC 60068-2-57

Indoor unit operational temperature

-0°C to +50°C

Indoor unit storage temperature

-40°C to +75°C

Indoor unit ingress protection


Indoor unit shock

IEC 60068-2-27

Indoor unit vibration


Indoor unit BTU/hr 8 W BUC

Typical 1025 | Peak 1700

Indoor unit BTU/hr 16 W BUC

Typical 1375 | Peak 2050

Power and RF System

Input power

110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz


Typical 300 W | Peak 500 W


Typical 400 W | Peak 600 W


Network interface

RJ45 10/100/1000

RF cables

N-type connectors

Interface cables

Available in 3.66 m, 7.62 m, 15.24 m 12 ft., 25 ft., 50 ft.

RF cables

Available in 3.66 m, 7.62 m, 15.24 m

12 ft., 25 ft., 50 ft.

Works on all vehicles, marine vessels, trains, buses and ATVs.  Excellent for military and government operations.