Ka-Band Satellite Systems - Installation, Integration and Testing

ka-band satellite communications systems installation integartion solutions

This turnkey Ka-Band Broadband Gateway antenna system installed by Digisat delivers high throughput internet access to remote areas, enterprise, SNG and residential users.


Ka-band antenna hub TWT amplifier system with WR42 waveguide interface

Fully integrated 1:1 redundant 500W Ka Band travelling wave tube amplfier (TWTA) subsystem installed, integrated and tested in an antenna mounted configuration.


Ka-Band satellite tx/rx antenna system main reflector pedestal installation alignment

Precision Ka-SAT TX/RX antenna reflector pedestal kingpost riser installation in progress. 

Digisat is the industry leading unsurpassed authority in delivering, maintaining, integrating, testing and installing Ka-Band satellite antenna systems around the world. Our highly experienced team of senior professional satcom engineers, field installation personnel and integration technicians provide reliable, high quality, turnkey Ka-Band Satellite Communications Equipment, Solutions and Broadband to customers anywhere on the planet. Digisat is a global provider of expert engineering, integration, installation, testing and commissioning. We deliver options for all types of Ka-Satcom Communications and Equipment including:

Gateway Earth Station Antennas & Terminals

Ka-Band system features Turnkey Gateway Earth Station Antenna Installation

Ka-Band system features KA-SAT TWT Amplifiers & SSPAs

Ka-Band system features Photogrammetry Antenna Alignment

Ka-Band system features Reflector Thermal Imaging

Ka-Band system features BUC & BDC Subsystems

Ka-Band system features Pilot Tone Injection Subsystems

Ka-Band system features Automatic Uplink Power Control Systems

Ka-Band system features Antenna Controllers

Ka-Band system features Motorized Drive Systems

Ka-Band system features IP Based Monitor & Control Systems

Ka-Band system features De-Ice Systems

Ka-Band system features All Phases of Test and Measurement up to 31.0 Ghz

Ka-Band system features Ka-Band LNA Subsystems

Ka-Band system features Final Acceptance testing

Ka-Band system features Ka-Band Waveguide and RF switching systems

Ka-Band system features Precision Sub-Reflector Alignment

VSAT Antennas

Ka-Band system features Mobile VSAT Antenna Sub-Systems

Ka-Band system features Satellite Trailer Terminals

Ka-Band system features Vehicle Mounted Subsystems

Ka-Band system features Flyaway & Portable Antenna VSAT

Ka-Band system features Fixed Small Aperture Antennas

Total Turnkey Services

Whether you’re expanding an existing network to meet the increasing demand for IP broadband internet connectivity, constructing a new Ka Gateway Earth Station or deploying Mobile VSAT antennas to remote areas, the Digisat team can fully support any of your Ka-Band requirements throughout all phases of your project. Our years of experience with delivering the best turnkey Ka-Band satcom solutions to customers around the globe, covers a wide range of applications including: 

Ka-Band system features Military Satcom WGS

Ka-Band system features Broadband Gateways

Ka-Band system features Remote Internet Connectivity

Ka-Band system features Rural Telephone

Ka-Band system features Defense Communications

Ka-Band system features Emergency and Disaster Communications

In addition to our engineering, installation and testing services, Digisat also provides custom training courses and technical writing for all aspects of Ka-Band equipment operation and maintenance. Digisat’s training services are ideal for teleport operators & military satcom technicians. Our trainers and technical writers provide services that can be performed onsite at your location or at our facility in Melbourne Florida USA.

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