Intellian HD DirecTV s6HD Dual-Band (2-Axis) Marine HDTV Antenna

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Intellian Technologies T240CK 2.4M Simultaneous (C-Ku-Band) 3-Axis Marine VSAT Antenna

Intellian i6W Maritime TV Antenna

Intellian i6W Worldwide Maritime Television Antenna

Intellian HD DirecTV s6HD Dual-Band (2-Axis) Marine HDTV Antenna is available to buy in increments of 1

Capable of receiving all 3 DirecTV Satellites, Ku and Ka-Band operation

s6HD Maritime HD DirecTV Satellite Television Dish

The Intellian s6HD 24" Dual-Band 2-Axis Marine HDTV Satellite Antenna is a superbly engineered Marine satellite television antenna that delivers crystal clear reception of all three DirecTV satellites simultaneously. The Intellian 60cm dish operates in both Ku and Ka-Band, and is capable of maintaining signal lock in extreme sea conditions. In addition to providing DirectTV reception, the s6HD also works standard Ku-Band receivers from Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu.

Intellian S6HD DirecTV antenna advanced system configuration 

Key Standard Features

  • Receive all 3 DirecTV Satellite signals
  • Reception of DirecTV local channels
  • Ku and Ka-Band operation
  • Large elevation range from 5 degrees to 90 degrees
  • Automatic Tri Sat Multi Feed alignment

Intellian S6HD Standard Maritime TV System Config

Coverage Map

Intellian S6HD DirecTV Maritime Satellite Television Footprint Map


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S6HD Specifications

B3-631HD Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Antenna System


Radome (D x H) 27.5”x28.3”
Antenna Dish Diameter 24”
Weight 47.8 lbs


Operating Temp. Range -15˚C to +55˚C / +5˚F to +131˚F
Storage Temp. Range -25˚C to +70˚C / -13˚F to +158˚F
Water Ingress IPX6
Approvals CE / FCC 
Warranty 2 year parts and 1 year labor

RF Performance

Reception Frequency Ka-Band (18~22 GHz)
Ku-Band (10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz)
Minimum EIRP 47 dBW
Azimuth Range 680˚
Elevation Range +5° to +90°
Ship’s Motion Roll ±25˚, Pitch ±15˚
Roll & Pitch Response Rate 45˚/sec
Turn Rate 45˚/sec
RF Output Quad output

Antenna Control Unit

Dimensions (W x D x H) 7” x 8.5” x 2.1”
Weight 2.6 lbs
Display 2 line 20 character VFD module
Power Input 9.0~30.0V DC (Typ. 30W, Max 50W)
GPS Interface Built-in (NMEA 0183 GPS)


S6HD Antenna Technical Specifications

s6hd specs 2

S6HD Operation & Installation Manual

DirecTV and DVB video network service access while underway at sea or at the dock