Disaster Response Terminals and Satellite Service

Communicating after a natural or manmade disaster can be extremely complicated due to terrestrial network infrastructure overload or damage in the affected area. First reponder teams need a reliable means of communications in order to coordinate relief efforts, deliver humanitarian aid and administer law enforcement to stricken communities.  With Digisat's total turnkey wireless satellite systems and connectivity solutions, reliable emergency communications can be established between the field command centers and headquarters, regardless of AC power availability or satellite trained personnel.

Equipment and Airtime

Multiple fully integrated system configurations and satellite airtime service plans are available depending on your specific application's requirements.  These field proven Safecom compliant terminals deliver high speed internet connections, VoiP phone services and long range WiFi access for multiple users.  Our cost effective emergency response satcom solutions deliver:

 Easy Operation and Setup

 Totally Self Contained

 Automatic Satellite Acquisition

 Cost Effective Airtime and Equipment

 Rugged and Reliable Terminals

Mobile VSAT

Emergency Mobile VSAT Satellite Internet Antenna

The Digisat DSAT Series vehicular mounted mobile VSAT satellite internet antennas mount on any vehicle or trailer roof top.  These mobile dishes deliver commercial grade internet speeds to emergency personnel in the field.  They possess a wide range of mounting options for police SUVs, fire trucks, mobile command centers, aid vehicles and all-terrain buggies.

MVSAT Features

 Automatic Satellite Pointing at the touch of a button

 Access Broadband Satellite Services

 Ruggedized Construction

 Easy Installation and Vehicle Integration

 Wide range of antenna size options


Flyaway VSAT 

Disaster Communications Flyaway VSAT Satellite Internet Terminal

Digisat's Fly-away series of Ultra mobile airline checkable VSAT satellite internet antennas go with you on the plane in your regular checked baggage, or they can be easily transported in a small car, truck or SUV.  Depending on your specified requirements, these highly mobile dishes can be mounted on a vehicle in a fly-n-drive configuration. 

Like all of our VSAT internet terminals, these flyaway series antennas can be used anywhere on the globe and are fully interoperable with all satellite networks and VSAT modem platforms.   


Mobile Trailers

Mobile Satellite VSAT Internet Trailers

The DSAT line of multi purpose Mobile VSAT communications trailers are fully self contained wireless communications terminals with onboard power generation equipment, long range WiFi access points, ethernet switching routers and satellite RF transmission equipment.  These turnkey versatile systems are among the most highly compact trailer systems available.  With Digisat's high speed satellite internet access services, public safety organizations can stay connected at broadband speeds, even in the most hard hit and ravaged areas.  

System Highlights

 Self Sustaining with onboard generator and UPS options

 Easily towed by compact cars and all-terrain vehicles with a 1 7/8" tow ball

 Low Power consumption for long term unattended operation

 Multiple dish and satellite router configurations

Fixed and Semi-Fixed VSAT

Fixed Semi-Fixed VSAT Satellite Communications Internet Antenna System

Fixed VSAT dishes are great for both permanent and semi permanent internet access applications. These antenna systems can be configured for back-up operation in the event that a loss in service occurs with traditional wired line services.  Due to their low system cost, they can also be utilized as an extremely economic way to provide public safety organizations with IP connectivity services after disasters strike or use it to maintain backup broadband internet and multi-phone connections.   Our flexible EOC on-demand satellite connectivity packages offer extraordinary value and special pricing specifically for public safety providers.


 Full provisioning of EOC recovery services

 Occasional use service plans

 Field installation by Digisat on short term notice

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