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Digisat is your trusted global provider of Satellite Equipment, Satcom Systems and Turnkey Satellite Communication solutions. We deliver high quality, reliable Satellite Solutions to all markets worldwide for applications such as Mobile VSAT Satellite Communications, Gateway Earth Stations, Maritime VSAT, Satcom on the move, Flyaway VSAT, Satellite Teleports, Remote Communications, Disaster communications, Internet Access and Telemetry. From Ka-Band Satcom Gateways to Mobile VSAT Terminals and Marine Satellite Communications, the Digisat team keeps you connected anywhere.

As a value added reseller, we can accomodate your total satellite solution needs. From a single satellite modem, to turnkey VSAT internet systems with iDirect services, you can count on Digisat as a single source for all of your procurement requirements.  

Value Added Satcom Services 

 Equipment Sales

 Systems Integration

 Equipment and Antenna Installation

 Engineering Services

 Civil Works Construction


 Antenna Maintenance


Evolving for over 20 years with the advancements in satcom technology, Digisat International Inc. provides industry leading satellite communications solutions, equipment, services and professional support personnel to global customers.  As a rapidly growing, privately held, international communications corporation that delivers total communication solutions to the global community, our solutions encompass all aspects of satellite, wireless and terrestrial communications.  From mobile satcom to engineered turn-key flyaway VSAT terminals, maritime internet systems and gateway earth stations, Digisat's core services include systems integration, equipment sales, installation, engineered communication systems, mobile satcom solutions, worldwide internet connectivity and dedicated bandwidth provisioning. Additionally, Digisat offers ongoing technical support and professional field service on a worldwide basis through our United States based offices.


The Digisat team consists of a diverse mixture of expert engineers and technicians assembled from well known, world class satellite and wireless communications organizations. With many years of satellite, wireless and telecom experience, Digisat has the expertise to fulfill your project requirements on all levels, above and beyond your expectations. Digisat will engineer, design, deploy, install, test and service satellite communication systems and wireless network equipment anywhere in the world. From mobile and marine satcom applications, to tower and antenna maintenance as well as teleport facility upgrades, our team of satcom professionals has you covered around the globe.


Digisat utilizes only the most reliable satcom equipment on the market today. Couple this with our proven engineered system designs along with our strict adherence to quality processes and the end result is a total solution that blends seamlessly into your new or existing network. This unique approach ensures that our clients experience years of trouble free, reliable operation from their network, which in turn purveys great cost savings year after year. Our "unique" approach also incorporates each individual clients own set of budgetary constraints, assuring them that they'll receive the most cost effective solution available on the market today. Additionally, our clients receive our ongoing support which enables them to more efficiently evaluate their current and future communication systems network requirements. When you work with Digisat, you can be assured that we're readily available to answer your questions and address your concerns related to your specific requirements.


Digisat's unique approach to providing total communication solutions has assisted top tier companies worldwide with their communication needs. Our "unique" approach to addressing clients' requirements provides a wide breadth of services for total solutions from a single source. By providing a wide array of solutions, coupled with our unparalleled satellite knowledge and strict adherence to quality, the Digisat team has allowed our customers to focus on their core business goals, network expansion and more efficient business processes.  

Digisat's services and solutions save you time, money and resources!

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